Top Three Reasons for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses to Consider Managed IT Services

The last recession has been challenging for many if not most small and medium-sized businesses. Besides the financial and economical challenges that had to be faced there also was the increasing complexity of the internal IT infrastructure. The technology advances increase at an exponential rate and many smaller companies face the additional challenge of not being able to hire talented IT personnel. Many of these challenges are taken care of when you decide to use a managed it services provider for your internal IT needs.

In light of all this many small and medium-sized businesses have begun to evaluate managed it services as an opportunity to stay on top of the technology while being able to concentrate on their core business. This allows them to focus on business growth and customer satisfaction while not having to worry about managing their IT systems.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Staying on top of the increasing technology challenges results in high staff education costs while it also takes a lot of focus and energy away from running the core business. Many businesses experience the benefits of the reduced strain on internal resources along with increased efficiency which they can receive from a well-conceived and delivered managed services model.

The three main benefits that companies can get from using managed IT services are:

  • Cost Control
  • Business Alignment
  • Advanced Technology Access

Cost Control

Many Managed IT Services providers offer their services at a fixed rate. The cost to find, retain and train IT personnel rests on their shoulders. Small and Medium-sized businesses benefit in the sense that they know exactly what they will have to pay as there’s no variable cost involved.

Business Alignment

Not having to worry about IT issues allows internal resources to excel at the core business. They can solely focus and be focused on why the company is in business. When you ask your employees what they are passionate about with regards to your business, they most likely will not answer that they care about IT very much. As well as they shouldn’t. Their focus should be your business objectives and resources can be enabled to stay focused on those goals once IT is taken care of through Managed IT Services.

Advanced Technology Access

Even if small and medium-sized businesses have an internal IT department, it typically is short-staffed and small. This makes it difficult to have top-level IT talent at their disposal. Partnering with a managed services provider like Roan Solutions allows to have access to a pool of top-notch IT professionals. You gain much more than a highly-qualified individual could provide.

These three reasons offer small and medium-sized businesses the chance to run their business with world-class IT services. The best Managed IT Services Provider in the Boston and New England region is Roan Solutions Inc. Find more out about them at

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